Income Claim Coaching Cards – 24:4 – Educational Recommendations – As we focus on atypical Income Claims, it is important to consider the 24 words and phrases that should not be used, and to have a clear idea of the 4 that can be said or represented.  However, it can be most helpful to know the why; why some are bad, even prohibited, and some are good and allowed.  Because once we understand the why, we can adapt what we say or otherwise represent – naturally! 

Question:  Are there guidelines or recommendations to help us understand the difference between what income claims are prohibited and those that can be used. What is the reasoning behind words and phrases allowed, and those that are high risk?   

Answer:  Yes, as included in the “Education” sections (highlighted in yellow) of the Income Coaching Cards, the following educational guidelines provide the reasoning behind what is bad, high risk, and what is allowed: 

Starting with the category of How Much Income why is it that “Six [6] figure income;” “Full time income,” “Replacement,” “Career level,” “Guaranteed,” “Life changing,” “Top 5%,” and “Significant earning potential,” are dangerous while supplemental, or extra income is acceptable and allowed?  Simple.  Regulatory guidelines recommend that, in order to avoid being deceptive, we speak in terms of the typical 98% rather than the atypical 2%. So, the Educational Recommendation: Supplemental or extra income are accurate descriptions; never state, or infer, that the income generated is equal to, or more than, a replacement of full-time income! 

As to the Status, or lifestyle, created because of supplemental income, do “Rich,” “Retirement,” “Freedom,” “Financial Freedom,” and “Stay-at-home,” accurately describe the status achieved?  No!  Why?  Because the typical status, experienced by the 98%, is achieved with supplemental, or extra income. The Educational Recommendation: State in terms of average/regular/typical status.  

What about Type of income? Are “Passive,” or “Residual” correct descriptions of the direct selling earnings process?  No!  Why? These words do not accurately portray how earnings are generated through the MLM business model.  “Passive income” is generated from an investment of money, i.e., stocks, bonds, real estate, or royalties from a movie, video or book.  “Residual income” is not a type of income at all but a calculation determining how much discretionary money an individual or entity can spend after paying their bills and meeting their financial obligations; the residual is what is left over!  The Educational Recommendation: State in terms of leveraged income or income derived through the purchase, consumption, and selling efforts of others… the very process used in direct selling!    

Last, what does it take to be successful; what does a person need to do to become successful in direct selling?  “Fire your boss,” “Quit,” “Duplication,” “Momentum,” “Ground floor,” are words too often used to promote how easy, even effortless, becoming successful in direct selling can be.  Candid, full accounts, of what it really takes are too often buried in the details; Nothing guarantees success in any worthy endeavor like hard work and a good attitude!  Educational Recommendation: State in terms of working hard and being teachable