A disclaimer is a statement or declaration that provides the substantiation for a claim.  Substantiation helps make a claim accurate and not misleading as required by state and federal laws and regulation and the LifeVantage Policies and Procedures. 

Question: What is the purpose of a disclaimer?

 Answer: Including a disclaimer assists the presenter create the correct “net impression” when making a claim.  (Net impression is the take-away of a reasonable person from the words, images and context of a message) Disclaimers should be Clear and Conspicuous!  Prominence (big enough), Placement (not buried), Proximity (close to), and Presentation that is easy to understand. 

A disclaimer will not “fix” an extraordinary (“The earning potential is truly limitless”) or lavish lifestyle claim!  However, the use of an appropriate disclaimer will reduce the risk of a claim sufficiently to allow for use of atypical claims; “I am making an extra $1,500 a month.” 

We have included, below, three (3) disclaimers that will be very useful in the presentation of your LifeVantage story:

  1. Generally expected earnings: “The average earnings for the typical LifeVantage distributor in 2021 is $704.”  This needs to be used anytime a specific atypical (greater than $704 annually) dollar amount is mentioned, “… and become a Pro 3 making an average of $581 a month.”
  • Generally expected incentive trip: “Of the 50,000 active LifeVantage distributors, approximately 250 earn company incentive trips.”  This disclaimer needs to be used anytime an incentive trip is promoted or discussed, often with photos.
  • MyLifeVenture: “To participate in the MyLifeVenture program a distributor must achieve the rank of Elite Pro 7 (100,000 OV) and maintain that rank for six (6) months.”  This disclaimer is required anytime the MyLifeVenture, jeep or cash, program is promoted or otherwise discussed.   

For more information and clarity on income/opportunity disclaimers, please visit the US Income Coaching Cards!